Paragliding with Philipp

Philipp Stark

if you never try, you‘ll never fly

is the motto of Philipp – 28 years old – our in-house technician. In his spare time, Philipp is an enthusiastic paraglider and has been a state-certified tandem pilot since 2018.

If you are looking for an extraordinary holiday highlight, paragliding is a must. Whether it’s action-packed with a good dose of adrenalin or a gentle exploration tour over the mountains. Discover boundless freedom with Philipp and enjoy impressive views from a bird’s eye perspective!

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Requirements for your tandem flight
  • Sturdy footwear – preferably mountain boots with a good profile. !! No sneakers !!!
  • Sporty clothing adapted to the temperature and weather! In summer always take a jacket with you !!!
  • Optical glasses or sunglasses are recommended as they protect you from the wind when flying.
  • A minimum weight of 25 kg and no restrictions when walking.
  • Maximum weight 100 kg
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