and endurance training
on your
mountain holiday
in Tyrol

The author of these lines is sitting – whilst writing them – down in the valley. Not only is he dreaming longingly of the mountains, he is asking himself: “Hmmm, mountains, skiing, hiking, walking, snowshoes, sledging, ski touring.” Why on earth would I still need a fitness gym?

It is great that there are so many different approaches to the topic of fitness. And of course it goes without saying that training under the instruction of a professional leads to success quicker. This is what Wolfgang Kröpfl, our or your fitness trainer, is all about.

Gym & fitness trainer

How nice that there are so many different approaches to the topic of fitness, before sport is after training and vice versa. And that, of course, training success leads to the goal faster under the guidance of a professional than without is another matter altogether. The matter of Wolfgang Kröpfl, your personal fitness trainer.

Private strength training with Wolfgang for a perfectly shaped body with a personal training plan – € 78,– – Appointment at the reception

Take the first step.

Wolfgang Kröpfl, our state-certified fitness trainer, has carefully considered which cardio, traction and strength equipment is necessary for effective training. Because it’s the quick successes at the beginning that outsmart our inner weaknesses and motivate us to keep at it. And holidays are the best time to do it. Because without the stress of everyday life, with a certain basic relaxation and a nice training partner, the first step into the gym is no longer so difficult.

Powerful support with state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment

Our bright training room is equipped with the latest strength and endurance equipment from the Technogym Excite+ Line. Technogym is the market leader in the fitness sector and offers everything that makes an athlete’s heart beat faster. The innovative design and LED displays make it very easy to operate and control all the equipment – give it a try!

The fitness room is available to people aged 16 and over. Please remember to bring suitable training clothes (indoor shoes!) and, if desired, headphones.

Sports is
a word
of action.

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