Earth day

from early till late

100% vegetarian, once a week. Because it makes sense.

"You will be amazed at how much green there can be in a day.

Regionality and seasonality have been a lived and loved culture for years, especially within the framework of our “Green toque”.

A whole day dedicated to “Veggie”

Perhaps you will use your vacation to have an enjoyable vegetarian day. Our vegetarian offer is varied and enjoyable, from breakfast to afternoon snacks to dinner. We invite you to embark on an exciting journey through a day full of vegetarian highlights.

Anyone who has not yet approached this topic so actively will be amazed at the variety and taste with which we spoil you from morning to night.

Incidentally, Paul McCartney has also been campaigning for a meat-free Monday (“Meatless Monday”) in Great Britain since 2009.






PS: And what do you get out of it?

Many of our guests innately go for our vegetarian options when choosing their evening menu. For many reasons: Because it tastes better, is more digestible, for the sake of animal welfare, for the sake of the environment. For the sake of the people. And it simply makes sense. Even if it’s just in between meals. Many guests whisper to us that they rarely if ever cook vegetarian food at home – but love to be pampered just as much here, because holiday time is simply also time to change the habit a little. And because it tastes surprisingly fine, intense and multi-faceted – and the night’s sleep is much deeper afterwards.

The green toque

The green toque

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