Backstage in the Chesa Monte

How we think, do & tick. Welcome to the Winklers.

So that's us. The Winkler's. Give me 5 from Fiss. A colourful bunch of lovely people. At least that's what the guests say.

A family that is bound together by a very simple, but so big, important word: love. The love you will feel when you come to us, when you get involved with us. Here on this page we would like to give you a little insight into our lives. What we do when the hotel, the guests and the staff are not at the centre of our lives. When we are simply people and family. When we enjoy the untamed nature, pursue our hobbies, appreciate the closeness we share. Two adorable girls, two fantastic boys and the so proud mum who tries to direct this wonderful flea circus, to get everything under one hat. Sometimes well, sometimes not so well.

It would be nice if you could take the time to get to know us a little.

Your family Winkler.

Give me five


We all know how difficult it is to describe oneself. To write about ourselves. We prefer to let ourselves be looked at from the outside, but of course we don’t shy away from looking in the mirror. And so it came about that each of us had to describe Five one or another from the family. Mum about Theresa, Maximilian about Madelaine, Madelaine about Johannes:

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