Cleaning free? Really clean!

The next piece
of the puzzle:
the cleaning-free day

As part of our basic decision “We turn the world”, we try to turn little things in many places in the house to make our contribution together with you at the end of the day. To deliver.

Just do it.

We hear it. All the way up into the mountains. The frowns and the sneers. Which we understand completely. It sounds really strange when a house goes down the road of making  Mondays cleaning-free days. Please give us a chance to explain.

We have been following the path of sustainability for years. As early as the 1990s, Chesa Monte was involved with environmentally friendly approaches. And so we were one of the first hotels to receive the “Tyrolean Environmental Quality Seal”. The environmental idea has always played an important role at Chesa Monte.





Less is more!

With the cleaning-free day, we would like to set an example for another “less is more”. Without diminishing the quality of our service. We certainly don’t need to tell you about the amounts of fresh drinking water, cleaning agents, heat and energy that we can save per year with this project. If we do not clean the rooms and suites on Mondays.

Of course, we will continue to clean our guests’ rooms seven times a week, if you wish. seven times a week, if that’s what you want. That is what we are here for.

We would like to invite you to understand us, to accompany us on this path.

Today, the topic of the environment, climate and sustainability does not only concern rebels, hippies and “Jesus-slippers” wearers, but a large part of the population. And that is a good thing! Everyone can “turn the world around” a little. Everyone can save the world a little. For this we don’t need a handful of heroes who do everything perfectly, but millions of people who just do it.


PS: Let’s not waste time and get started! Rethinking is a word of action.



Small steps, great success.

Suddenly it was there. The question. How can we do good and at the same time help the environment? We collect in a donation pot and support both the SOS Children’s Village in Imst and organisations that are dedicated to the protection of bees in the spirit of sustainability. From organic beekeepers to school projects at the beekeeping school in Imst.



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