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How many kilometres of waymarked hiking trails, how many routes? We probably don’t even know ourselves exactly in detail. Sorry, dear tourist association. What we do know is that our guests simply enjoy it. Being able to explore no less than three very different altitudes and indulging in such healthy exercise.

Your hiking hotel in Fiss

Your Fiss hiking hotel Chesa Monte lies at 1437 metres above sea level. The leisurely among you are now probably thinking: “That’s good, at least we’re already halfway up to the 2000-metre peak – already at breakfast ;-)”. Sports fans and hiking enthusiasts, on the other hand, are very motivated by such a healthy altitude (red blood cells and so on). Motivation to go beyond their own limits. To reach peaks that hitherto may have seemed unattainable.

The best alpine hiking hotels

Your Hotel Chesa Monte has been a member since 2009 of the best Alpine hiking hotels with 5 mountain crystals. Therefore boasting the highest standards. For no less than 13 years. Lasting quality. An award that is not only on paper but offers distinctive advantages for our hiking hotel guests. How about a couple of examples? 5 guided hikes per week, exclusive for our hotel guests with state-approved guides. One peak tour per week (subject to the weather), free hiking shuttle hotel bus, laundering of your hiking clothing and and and.

Here you can find the quality criterias.

Hiking paradise Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

But after all this information, we would like to bring you back, back to us. Into the fascinating hiking paradise of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. For your wanderings through the mountain world. A mountain world that is just as appealing to families as it is to real mountaineers. To those chamois who do not even shy away from giant mountains such as Piz Buin (3300m) or Weißkugel (3737m). And which are easy to access and conquer, for example together with the Alpine School Fiss.

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