The Green Toque

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Clear the stage for culinary treasures! As diverse as the nature that surrounds our hotel in Fiss is, so are the flavours in our Green-toque-cuisine. Always exciting and varied.



The green toque states: Freshness is a must. Proximity is a must - wherever possible.

Since 2021 we have been wearing a green toque in winter and in summer, out and about and in the kitchen. We think and act the way we must in this only world we have. Following the imperative of the present and future, we cook with natural ingredients. We use foods that we source from the region wherever possible. Naturally from our valued partners. So that you can tuck in with a good conscience, we only serve fish from local waters.  It goes without saying that we 100% avoid artificial flavours, flavour enhancers and preservatives. For us, that is.

Our efforts are subject to strict annual inspections by Austria Bio Garantie. We are proud to be one of just 6 enterprises in the federal state of Tyrol that can use the accolade “Green Toque”.


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