Skiing in Serfaus Fiss Ladis

...and also
in winter,
when it snows.

214 kilometres of pistes and 68 state-of-the-art lifts and cable cars. The statistics speak for themselves. And what about the heart? Skiing holidays with sociable people, in rustic huts, on beautiful pistes, a romantic-idyllic mountain village. But that was just the beginning.

Out of the hotel and straight onto the slopes in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Admittedly, it can’t be said often enough, so please excuse us if we’ve already brought this to your attention elsewhere. The good news of “out of the hotel door and with a few falls down at the valley station”. And that of “probably the most modern ski/boot depot in Tyrol. But let’s take it one step at a time: The way to skiing pleasure is made easy for you. Either hop on our hotel’s own ski bus, which will take you to the valley station in a few minutes at short intervals. Or you can use the way there as a gentle warm-up to arrive light-footed after 5-7 minutes and some winter sightseeing. Light on your feet? Yes, this brings us to the second topic: the ski and ski boot depot in the valley station. There you can comfortably stow your equipment (including helmets, poles, etc.). Then walk the short distance from there in comfortable shoes back to the ski hotel in Fiss. And back again tomorrow. To the valley station. Pretty easy.

Top pistes, guaranteed snow and state-of-the-art artificial snowmaking.

Apart from that? What you read in the average advertisement: perfectly groomed slopes, snow guarantee due to the high location (valley station at almost 1,500 m above sea level), state-of-the-art artificial snowmaking and slopes for all ability groups. The fact that young and old alike feel particularly at home in our family ski area Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has already spread like wildfire. That the number of those who also like to switch to touring skis is constantly increasing. No wonder, given the choice of tours on offer. Winter hiking? More than a trend. A lived and loved practice. You can walk wonderful kilometres without constantly going up and down.

If it's faster on foot than with the hotel bus - 5 minutes to enjoyment

On foot in Fiss. We never counted exactly how many steps there were. Okay, lie. We have tried. We did it ourselves, sometimes we even asked the guests to do it. Always different results. Probably because the short walk to the valley station has so many beautiful things to offer. To the left and right of the lovely village lanes. Up and down.
In any case, it’s only about 5, yes, maybe 7 minutes at a slow stroll that you need to walk to the lift.
But we would have forgotten the most important thing right now: THE SKIDEPOT. BOOM.
As one of the very few ski resorts in Austria, the valley station you and we are heading for has a brand new, highly modern ski depot. Which means nothing less than: off the piste, skis, boots, poles, helmet – and whatever else you want, into your own box, lock it up. And take a leisurely stroll back to the hotel in your comfortable leisure shoes. Let the ski day pass in review once more. And the next morning, the same game. Only in reverse order and direction.


Of course, we take our guests to the valley station every morning at short intervals by hotel bus. However, pedestrian-friendly tongues claim that they are faster.

The shuttle only runs in the morning between 8.30 and 10.30 a.m. – we do not offer this service in the afternoon.

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