Holidays for allergy sufferers

The holiday
for allergy sufferers

Breathe deeply and painlessly at last: a holiday for allergy and asthma sufferers in the low-stimulus climate of the Tyrolean sun terrace Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is a very special “medicine” – and with many desirable side effects.

Experience lightness, energy and enjoyment with us at the Allergy Hotel Chesa Monte

To ensure that your holiday really offers relaxation and healthy enjoyment, we at Chesa Monte have specialised in your individual needs. With us you will experience a carefree time in an adapted environment – a symbiosis that will make your most beautiful time of the year unforgettable!

Allergies often occur more frequently – pollen, food intolerances, animal hair. Over the last 30 years, the Chesa Monte has developed an extensive range of services for allergy sufferers, based on 3 pillars

Pets, food allergies, altitude


By the way, the Chesa Monte was already a non-smoking hotel in the 90s – decades before the current smoking debate.

Pollen and dust mite allergy

Due to the location of our house at almost 1,500 metres above sea level, it is practically mite-free, as proven by studies conducted by the University of Innsbruck. Due to the climatic conditions, pollen and dust mites don’t stand a chance. As the high mountain climate is very dry, you can air your room yourself at any time.

Allergy to mould

According to the test report of the University of Innsbruck, the contamination with mould spores is so low that no allergenic irritation can occur; this can again be attributed to the altitude.

Pet hair allergies

At Chesa Monte, pets are strictly prohibited (guaranteed dog-free rooms and suites). This also means stress-free holidays for all those who are afraid of dogs, for example. In addition, we meet the highest hygienic standards.

Food range

Our kitchen and service team is highly trained in food allergies. We will be happy to take the time to draw up a menu plan together with you. Please inform us in writing about your diet or food intolerance (permitted and non-permitted foods) when making your reservation.

Hypersensitive bronchial system

In order to be able to offer you a relaxing, pleasant holiday in clean air – not only outside in the wonderful nature, but also in the hotel – smoking is not permitted in the entire hotel.
Smoke as an irritating factor of the respiratory tract has been proven to be a problem for respiratory allergies.

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