All about strudel

The apple strudel slowly turns golden brown in the oven. A delicious aroma of warm apples, cinnamon and dough fills the kitchen.

Welcome to the weekly strudel afternoon at ****S Hotel Chesa Monte.



The strudel probably owes its name to its original shape: filled rolls of dough were spiralled into round cake moulds resembling swirls of water. During the Turkish wars, this pastry first travelled to Hungary and from there to Vienna. The library in Vienna City Hall probably has the oldest known strudel recipe (milk cream strudel), which can be found in a handwritten “Koch Puech” from 1696.


Interesting facts about the strudel

The strudel finally became established as an Austrian dessert in the 18th century, and there were no limits to the imagination when it came to choosing the filling. Curd cheese, apple and milk cream strudels are famous and were also eaten as a main meal (especially on fast days). Apples used for apple strudel are also called “Strudler”.

Strudel can be found throughout Austria in regional variations: e.g. as Waldviertler poppy seed strudel or nut strudel, savoury as bean strudel, blunzen strudel, cabbage strudel, pumpkin strudel or gram strudel. Small-portioned, savoury strudels have a long tradition as a soup garnish.

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