Gentle, healing hands to completely relax and let yourself go – that is well-being for body, mind and soul. Let yourself be pampered – with skilful massages from our highly trained therapists.

Sensitive massages pamper on holiday

Your treatment begins with a short conversation. Our therapist takes time, listens to what is important. Orients himself to your needs. Classic massages. Therapeutic treatments. Gentle pampering. Choose for yourself. You will be thrilled by the relaxation value.


Full body massage

Face, arms, legs and back experience relaxation and an increased sense of well-being with a special sequence of grips.

50 min. € 70

Partial massage

Parts of the body are loosened and relaxed in the form of kneading and stroking, especially recommended for the heavily stressed shoulder area or the lumbar region. Hands and feet also deserve this soothing treatment.

25 min. € 35



Connective tissue massage

Manual stimulation therapy of the subcutaneous connective tissue. Elimination of organ-related disorders and tension balancing of the skin.

approx. 25 min. € 35

Lymphatic drainage

This treatment is probably the gentlest of all massages. Expert pumping and stroking strokes stimulate the drainage of lymph fluid and therefore have a calming and decongesting effect.

25 min. € 35

Foot reflexology massage

All organs, joints and body parts of the human body have associated reflex zones on the foot. These can be influenced by an appropriate pressure massage. This stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, relieves tension and blockages and reveals energy weaknesses.

25 min. € 35

Sports massage

“Goodbye sore muscles” – loosening of the back and legs. This massage is the ideal conclusion to any sporting activity. Once tried, you could almost become addicted.

25 min. € 40


The vegetative nervous system is positively influenced by the targeted use of hot and cold stones. The warmth penetrates deep into the body and leaves a physical and mental balance. A pure source of energy for stressful everyday life.

25 minutes € 45 (only for children)
50 minutes € 85

Intensive lumbar-pelvic treatment

Our pelvis is intensively loosened and released down to the deepest structures by this special treatment in order to be able to optimally fulfil its comprehensive function as a foundation for the entire spine.

25 minutes € 40

For Teens & Kids - Partial Massage

Relaxing – loving – gentle: A first spa experience for our little guests between 5 and 14 years. The gentle massage loosens minor tensions and strengthens muscles (only in the company of an adult).

25 minutes € 30

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