Pleasure- & culinary arts hotel in the Tyrol


When the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. When the freshness of the ingredients is competing with regionality for first place. When cooking is guided by the heart, with the watchful eye of reason. When the green toque is the authentic gold standard.


It is no secret that the way to your holiday heart is through your stomach or in other words: that dining is very important to our dear guests, alongside appreciative and attentive service.

It is high up on the ranking, usually even ahead of the room, the spa area or the underground garage. For good reason, we think. We are delighted when our guests take their time with dining. Celebrating the occasion with us and giving the products we use the appreciation they deserve. Stimulating the taste buds, exploring and guessing ingredients. Enjoying the crockery just as much as what is on the plate. Without rushing from the first to the sixth course. Winding down and satisfying the taste buds instead of hurrying. Dining at Chesa Monte in Fiss. In the mountains. Way up high. Almost among the stars.

From the enthusiasm for the good.

We are connoisseurs from the bottom of our hearts. Our kitchen team cooks from and with passion. Highest quality, the dishes colourful and full of flavour. Every single one of them a craft. We do a lot of the cooking ourselves, preserving and fermenting. We take the fullness of summer with us into winter.

For the right ambience, we have created a special place with our pavilion. Let us spoil you and enjoy with all your senses!


The green toque

The culinary

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