Climate Alliance award Tyrol

The Hotel Chesa Monte has been actively committed to environmental protection for many years. Now the ****S Hotel in Fiss has been awarded the Climate Alliance award.

By being recognised as a Climate Alliance business, the hotel is setting an example. The vision of Climate Alliance Austria is to create a global network of committed stakeholders who work together to fight for a world in which climate protection is a matter of course, resources are distributed fairly and everyone lives in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible way.








Sustainable management is also increasingly becoming the motto in tourism. Together with the Climate Alliance Tyrol, the Hotel Chesa Monte has undergone a climate check and will do even more to protect the climate in future.

“The basis for our actions at ****S Hotel Chesa Monte is our commitment to the economical use of natural resources and the sustainable protection of our environment. The Climate Alliance has shown us that we can do something for climate and environmental protection in many different areas of our company,” says owner Carina Winkler.

The hotel has long emphasised a wide range of vegetarian dishes in order to reduce meat consumption. In future, guests should travel more often without their own car. In return, they will be supported with pick-up services and discounts. Social sustainability also plays a central role – if guests voluntarily forego room cleaning, an amount is donated to the SOS Children’s Village.

“Through our actions and our projects, we also want to show other companies how easy it can be to do good for our environment. As entrepreneurs, but also as private individuals, we all need to actively support climate protection, climate justice and a sustainable lifestyle. Because only together can we counteract global warming,” says Carina Winkler

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