Maximilian about mum

I just looked at the photos from the last photo shoot in winter. The ones from our walk through Fiss, through the snow. Which are scattered all over the website. Make me very proud of our family. Proud of you too mum. And they show with such a force, how
how close we all are. I love the photos with the two of us. Unaffected, real. Simply lovely together.

How many pages does a website actually have? Probably the most stupid question I’ve ever asked myself. But I was thinking that I could fill a whole book if I had to write about the characteristics, the nature, the history of my mum. May. Should. The wide world of the web is infinite. Nevertheless, I try to keep the letters in check. What should one really write about one’s own flesh and blood? Are the attributes “happiest mum in the world with four children, loving hostess of a charming hotel, organisational talent, mouthpiece, carer, companion” enough? Should it also be “an open ear for everyone always and everywhere”? Or “human being who gives much more than she takes”? “Strong personality, who gives so much love, but is sometimes also weak and vulnerable”? Actually, the five of us agreed not to get too emotional here, because everyone can read along. On the other hand, we promised ourselves to write what we think and feel. And we are not afraid to speak out loud our thoughts and feelings for each other. Because we are the Winkler family that stands by each other. Proud and happy to march through life together.

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