Chesa Monte & SOS-Kinderdorf

Room cleaning - no THANK YOU

Room cleaning NO – THANK YOU – is the motto at Chesa Monte! The motto is “Everyone can – nobody has to”. The “cleaning waiver” means a donation of € 5,– to SOS Children’s Villages – we keep a daily record of this at reception.

“SOS Children’s Villages Austria creates a loving home in dignity and warmth for children in need and provides sustainable and targeted help – with the support of sponsors and donors, including the guests of the Chesa Monte. In Imst, 110 children are currently growing up in a loving environment.

Thanks to the help of our guests, Carina Winkler was able to hand over a donation of € 1,765 to the SOS Children’s Village in Imst in December 2022.

And also for the year 2023 we say THANK YOU to our guests for supporting us so actively – we were allowed to be Christkindl and hand over a donation cheque in the amount of € 1,800 in December 2023.






The history of SOS Children's Villages:

Hermann Gmeiner founded the world’s first SOS Children’s Village and the SOS Children’s Village Association in Imst (approx. 40 km from Fiss) in 1949.

Together with his friends, he builds the first house – which he calls “House of Peace”. In view of the plight of war orphans and the abuses in the orphanages of the time, Hermann Gmeiner’s vision was to give abandoned and orphaned children a real home. He realised a simple but ground-breaking idea: every child needs a mother and grows up most naturally with siblings in their own home within a village community. This family education approach made the SOS Children’s Villages pioneers in childcare.

Hermann Gmeiner died on 26 April 1986. He leaves behind a worldwide network of 233 SOS Children’s Villages in 86 countries.

In 1995, SOS Children’s Villages International is classified as an aid organisation “with consultative status in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations”.

With the opening of the first Australian SOS Children’s Village in Adelaide in 1996, SOS Children’s Villages is represented on all continents.

The 50th anniversary of the first SOS Children’s Village in Imst in 1999 is celebrated by SOS children and staff in 400 SOS Children’s Villages, 375 residential youth centres and over 750 social institutions around the world.

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