Johannes about Maximilian

It’s so good to know you’re by my side. To know that the big brother will sort it out when the little one goes too far. The old man. Always our protective shield, looking after us, lovingly caring for so many things.

Maximilian, we both know that life is not a pony farm, that we don’t always speak the same language. But we stand together when we need each other and I am grateful to you for that. As a big brother, you were and are always a role model for me. You preceded me to the ski tourism school, taught me so much with your terrific technique. You are already a ski instructor National instructor, which I envy. You ride the curves on your motorbike just as smoothly as you swing your spoon when cooking. Your great passion, which you live out with such dedication and talent. Thank you for the countless dishes with which you make us happy. You are a perfectionist. The most loving and caring person I know.



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