Tips – Hiking in the rain

If you don’t want to be put off hiking even by supposed dog weather, you can prepare yourself with our tips – and we guarantee: Even hiking in the rain has its charm. And how nice it is to warm up and relax in the wellness area after returning to the hotel.

1. A metter of setting

Nature has its charms whatever the weather. The term “bad weather” is a human invention. In fact, the landscape also has its advantages when it rains: When it is dripping and pouring everywhere, the clouds hang heavy over the mountains and there is hardly a soul out and about, you find yourself in an almost unreal, mystical atmosphere.

It is the inner approach that decides whether rainy weather is really “bad weather” or rather a welcome invitation to get to know nature from a different angle – and above all: to enjoy the solitude that prevails.

2. Well equipped

To be able to enjoy the rain, you need the right equipment. As beautiful as a rain hike can be: If you are soaked to the bone, it will be difficult to enjoy the benefits of the wet weather.

So if you are planning a tour in the rain, you should be equipped as follows:

– Sturdy, waterproof footwear (not wellies – they generally don’t offer good grip)
– rainproof overtrousers
– Rain jacket or cape
– Rain cover for your rucksack

Rain in warm temperatures means that you quickly start sweating under rainproof materials. Breathable functional underwear has proven its worth as a top layer under the rain protection (jacket or cape).

3. Wahl der Tour

As a general rule, you should never go off-road during thunderstorms. The best way to find out whether a thunderstorm is imminent is to check the current weather forecast. If you are surprised by a thunderstorm despite the forecast, you should get back to dry ground as quickly as possible. Therefore, when hiking in the rain, we generally recommend tours that are close to the location – also to avoid difficult terrain. Even if it is “only” raining – and not thundering – you have lost nothing in alpine terrain. Wet ground means slippery ground. And this significantly increases the risk of falling.

Caution: If you are surprised by a thunderstorm, you should never use an umbrella. The metal end of the umbrella – especially at the highest point – significantly increases the risk of being struck by lightning!


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