Hiking with Marco Röck

Marco Röck

Marco – a true Tyrolean. Born, raised and settled in the small village of Piller – directly on the route to the Piller Höhe (1,568 m above sea level), which connects the upper Inn Valley with the beautiful Pitz Valley.

Looking after guests was something Marco was practically born with. His family has run a small inn in the 280-strong community of Piller for generations.
The mountains are not only his home, but also his passion. Marco discovered hiking as a child and hiked the huts in Pitztal with guests. At the age of 12 he was already able to celebrate his first summit victory on the Wildspitze – at 3,768 m the highest mountain in North Tyrol.

Marco passed his hiking guide exam in 2021.

And what does Marco say about himself?

I enjoy spending time in nature and I like it best high up, on the summits, because that’s where you see how small we humans really are.

Josef Hofmiller

Walking is an activity of the legs and a state of mind

Mountains are just there.

With majestic power. Their law rules the sky. No one owns the mountains. They belong only to themselves. In their shadow, all people are equal. We must be grateful to have the opportunity, each in our own way, to spend time with them and feel boundless freedom.

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