Madelaine about our Johannes

Brother, you make me laugh so often, but you also make me sad sometimes because you are not always by my side. To annoy me, to laugh at me, to joke around with me and much more. But unfortunately they opened the tourism school in Bad Hofgastein and not here in Fiss.

Nevertheless, you are very close to me. So close. Maybe it’s this very distance that binds us together. I just like you. The way you are, what you do, how you think and live. You are such a fantastic sportsman, you love the mountains, the summer, the winter. Skiing, touring, ice skating, snowshoeing and co have a congenial partner in you, with you. But now: I promised you that I wouldn’t tell anyone that you’re also up to your old tricks with the Schuachplattler, but probably no one here will read that anyway. Or should we underline it in bold and highlight it in red? 😉 Johannes, it’s nice how you take care of so much, always helping us all when we need you. Stay as curious about life as you always have been. Give us a hug.

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