Just off to get some eggs

Visit to the chicken paradise in Fiss

Many of the foods that we process at Chesa Monte are grown or produced by small family farms.
or produced. We visit our reliable partners in person from time to time to keep up to date, find out what’s new and buy the best food for our guests.

We would like to introduce you to one of these companies in more detail: Gloria Knabl and Florian Plangger have been successfully marketing their “Fisser Goggala” to hotels, restaurants and private fans in the village since November 2015.

Their 430 hens, known as “Lohmanns”, live in the barn and on large pastures on the outskirts of Fiss. The bright brown hens are happy to receive visitors, as the barn door to their realm is always open to everyone. Transparency is very important to Gloria and Florian. This is how regional direct marketing and cooperation on a sustainable level.

And our guests at Chesa Monte enjoy their original “Fisser Goggala” breakfast egg every day in every conceivable variety and always freshly prepared.
You certainly won’t find more regional eggs on any hotel breakfast table.

Egg good - all good!

Every one to two days, the hard-working hens at the Plangger family lay a “Goggala” – most of which are sold directly. The Althaler bakery and confectionery uses the eggs for its plaits and croissants, for example. Egg liqueur, spelt ribbon noodles and durum wheat spirelli are also sold in the small farm shop directly in the barn in Fiss. Their egg liqueur has even made it into the “Tiroler Edle” chocolate.

The liqueur and pasta are produced in a small factory in Buch near Lauterach in Vorarlberg. “Martinshof is actually an organic farm, but the farmer has also specialised in the production of egg products,” Florian tells us when asked where he has his products made.

Gloria & Florian

The fresh mountain air, the Alpine panorama, the lush meadows with their herbs and flowers… What sounds like a scene from a local film is the actual backdrop for our chickens.

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