Maximilian on our Madelaine

Hmmm, actually I would much rather write about my brother, maybe settle some old scores ;-). But fate has assigned me a girl – and my own sister at that. What a day. Well then.

I wonder if mum will like hearing that. Actually, she could pack her bags and travel around the world for 2 months. Madelaine would run things at home for the time being. With her smart 12, oh sorry, 13 years. Oops, me and birthdays. But they’re always celebrated in our family. With the birthday hat in the morning, the big party during the day and all that. Sorry, I digressed. I digressed. Yes, she is a born successor in the hotel, you get the feeling that she would love to be standing at reception today, talking to staff and putting together the recipes for dinner. A hostess of flesh and blood. What a sister. But back from the future: she loves to do her mischief in the fresh air, tobogganing down the slopes, bobsleighing down the trails and astounding people with her incredible stamina. Whether in strawberry country, mushroom hunting or teasing her brothers. Lucky Theresa. Speaking of Theresa: what she has in common with her: Her talent to make strings sound and people sing. I love you.

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