The mum about our Theresa

My Theresa. Actually, a millennial. But aren’t they all my children? I have to think about it. So many colourful things in my head when I think of them. But also when I think of Maximilian, Madelaine and Johannes. Thank you for being here.

Stop. I’m getting off the subject. I’m getting off the subject. Back to my third-born. She’s probably a quadruped at heart. Loves her horse Liviana, which has taken her from the plains high into the mountains, adores the cats, who are proudly allowed to feel like members of the family. And loves to scramble on all fours. Through the steep rock faces in the Fisser mountains. A cheerful nature through and through – and at the same time sensitive and sometimes built close to the water – whether it’s perhaps because of the first great love she took by storm? It’s best to ask yourself, mothers think they know everything, but sometimes….. The fact that she already had her own restaurant called “Giripasta” when she was a little girl is something neither the tax office nor the social security office are allowed to know. So it remains between us. Otherwise? She’s full of nonsense, loves to kugel with her best friend Judith all night long and plays the guitar – preferably with Madelaine – with unbelievable interpretive skills. If you want to fall in love playfully: have a look at Insta. Thank you, my love, that you exist.

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