Hiking with Mathilde Pieber


Mathilde is “the” support for our hiking guide team when there is a “need for a woman”. Since the summer of 2020, she has been helping out our team of hiking guides at Chesa Monte.

Mathilde is a lively, active pensioner, spoils and looks after her grandchildren and is a Red Cross volunteer in crisis intervention.

Mathilde passed her mountain hiking guide exam in 2000 and since then she has been out and about with guests in the beautiful countryside.


Ivern, the Guardian of the Groves in League of Legends

Nature gives so much more than it takes.

How hiking makes you happy!

Go yourself and leave traces. Back to the essentials. Sturdy shoes and a decent jacket. It’s simple. We can start anytime, anywhere. Without time pressure, without pressure to perform. In harmony with nature, recharge your batteries for everyday life. Perceive signals from your own body again and set out on the path to yourself. Hiking can be all of this. Whether together with friends, work colleagues or strangers, …..

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